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Win Cash Prizes for Your Short Stories!

The Contest Winner wins a cash prize of $1,000, publication of the short story in an upcoming special-themed Pangyrus book, and extensive advertising and publicity. Second and third place winners receive $250 and publication. All winners will also be featured in a special reading event for the publication.

We are thrilled to have novelist Jennifer Haigh as our guest judge. You can read more about Jennifer's work on her website:  www.jennifer-haigh.com.

Submissions open September 15 and close on December 10, 2022 at midnight. The submission fee is $20.

Guidelines. The guidelines and requirements are as follows:

  1. Pangyrus seeks short stories with a word length of no more than 7,000.  We're looking for your best fiction with writing that sings and a story that transports us. There are no rules, no boundaries for this contest. Write on any topic, any theme, and from any point of view. 
  2. There are no citizenship requirements or limitations. Online submissions are accepted from around the world.
  3. Short stories must be in English, although it is perfectly acceptable to include some text in other languages.
  4. Short stories must be original. (If you include quotes from other works in your essay, please be sure they are clearly attributed to the author either on the same page or in a “Notes” section at end.)
  5. Short stories must be previously unpublished.
  6. Simultaneous submissions to other contests and multiple submissions to this contests are perfectly acceptable. You DO need to notify us if your story is taken elsewhere. 
  7. All submissions must be at least 12 point type, preferably double spaced. 
  8. If you are submitting a short story that includes photographs or other graphic images please request additional guidelines by sending an email to pangyrus@gmail.com.
  9. Revisions are not allowed to a short story after it has been submitted to the contest. 
  10. “Family members” or “close friends” of the judge, Jennifer Haigh, are NOT ELIGIBLE. Email us if you need clarification on any of these terms!
  11. If the contest entry fee of $20 represents a hardship, please email us at info@pangyrus.com. Our donors have generously offered to help. 
  12. The judge's verdict is final. No correspondence will be entered into.
  13. Entry is taken to be acceptance of these rules
  14. The prizes will be awarded upon publication of the fiction collection. 
  15. Pangyrus holds publishing rights for one year after publication, after which publishing rights revert to the author. (Please acknowledge Pangyrus in any subsequent publications.)

Errors in Your Submission. If our staff find a serious error in your entry (your submission file won't open, is locked so we cannot remove identifying info, is unreadable, or is missing pages, or your credit card info is incorrect or your payment is missing, etc.) we will contact you to obtain a correction at no cost to you, so your error will not disqualify you.

We use Submittable to accept and review our submissions.